Efficient operations are critical for a data center to seamlessly store, process, and transfer data. There is a combination of different processes involved with running a data center including its cooling systems, power infrastructure, storage systems, and more. AUTOBrine is an automatic brine system simplifying one part of the complex process that goes into data center maintenance. AUTOBrine delivers processed salt (brine) to critical water treatment equipment that is utilized for cooling systems. It is essential to have proper water management to prevent mineral impurities from accumulating that could ultimately lead to failures and a decrease in efficiency of the cooling systems. Our automatic brine system adds substantial value to the water softener system that helps protect chillers and cooling towers. Here are five benefits of adding an AUTOBrine system to your Data Center

Energy Efficiency

AUTOBrine can assist a data center’s water softener to operate more reliably. The water softener treats the water to help the cooling systems work optimally, which in turn allows the facility to operate at optimal energy efficiency for a value-added benefit.

Temperature Control

Brine systems streamline the regenerative process of ion exchange systems. This results in high-quality water for cooling, maintaining precise chiller performance. Consistent temperatures prevent overheating and optimize server conditions.


Alongside these temperature-regulating benefits, an AUTOBrine system can be installed outside the secure facility with strategic placement. Our system offers remote monitoring of salt levels that ensures automatic salt delivery.  Salt is delivered when you need it without entry or contact, meaning the security of your facility will be maintained. Simultaneously, the automatic brine system reduces any manual lifting and ultimately is an operation cost savings to your facility by eliminating any handling, storage, and logistics needed for heavy salt bags. As your data center evolves and expands, our system can be scaled, without replacement, to meet your changing needs. AUTOBrine is a flexible solution and will not compromise cooling efficiency for your data center as it expands. With data centers designed to operate 24/7, it is critical for operations to run uninterrupted and consistently. Our reliable brine systems support the performance of water treatment systems, which improves cooling systems.


With sustainability efforts more prevalent in today’s industry, our automatic brine system helps data centers to lower their carbon footprint. This contributes to sustainability goals by reducing materials used for transporting and packaging of water conditioning salt that end up in landfills. Fewer deliveries are needed for the brine system, which reduces the amount of fuel needed as well as the drying of salt before bagging, plastic bags and pallets that would be needed for bagged salt. Our system is designed with durable materials that reduces the need for frequent replacements. These are just a few of the many value-added benefits of AUTOBrine. Contact us today to start a conversation about customizing a brine delivery system for your data center facility.

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