Brine Maker Systems

The tank is just the beginning™

brine maker liquid

Liquid Brine Systems

Liquid brine systems are ideal for facilities with a space shortage, those who rent their building, or those who need certified brine.

brine maker bulk

Bulk Salt Systems

Below ground, dry bulk salt systems are ideal for those facilities that have exterior property space to spare and would rather not have the system visible.

brine maker pneumatic

Pneumatic Systems

Pneumatic salt systems are ideal for those who prefer the dry bulk salt system but would also prefer it above ground.

The Cope Company Salt’s brine maker, AUTOBrine is available in numerous sizes and specifications.  If you can find the right system to fit your application, contact us and we can help.

Let Cope help take the struggle out of filling day tanks with water conditioning salt to keep your facility running at optimal efficiency.

Available Pre-Mixed Bulk Brine Types

Bulk Brine Maker Production – Sodium Chloride Brine Types

The Cope Company Salt produces various grades of sodium chloride brine that can be picked up or delivered in bulk to a facility within our standard delivery radius.  Whatever the process or application, Cope has a brine solution to meet the need.

Industrial Brine

Most widely used grade of brine for ion exchange and water conditioning equipment, such as water softeners.


Certified Brine

Brine made from processed water and high purity salt to produce a clean brine solution when higher standards and documentation are required.

Pre-Treatment Brine

Brine produced at the optimal level of concentration for anti-icing purposes.


Custom Brine

Cope will create a brine solution for your unique application.



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