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A new Pneumatic System has joined the AUTOBrine System line-up.

We developed the latest advancement in pneumatic salt systems, setting a new standard for innovation and efficiency within the industry.

AUTOBrine is a Peak Industries Division

Peak Industries offers Comprehensive Building Management Solutions.

Other product offererings include HVAC parts and controls from NECC and custom pumping solutions from Penn Pump.

Bulk Brine Delivery Systems

Partnering with Facility Managers, Water Treatment Industry, and Design Engineers to provide a cost savings solution for facilities.
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Customized Brine Delivery System Solutions

Below Ground and Above Ground Systems

What Is AUTOBrine®?

AUTOBrine is a brine delivery system that automatically provides brine to water conditioning equipment that would normally require bags of salt manually loaded for the regeneration processes

Who Needs AUTOBrine®?

Any facility that has an application that requires fully saturated brine for water conditioning processes and is looking for an automated brine delivery system to remove the tasks associated with dumping bags of water conditioning salt. Read an article about the considerations of adding a brine system.

 AUTOBrine® Difference

Our solutions are customized to best meet the end-user’s needs.   Configurations include above and below ground system options, full truckload bulk salt, and liquid brine systems, as well as smaller system options for customers not requiring full truckload quantities

brine delivery system

Turnkey Brine Delivery Systems

The Cope Company Salt can provide a turnkey brine delivery system solution including installation services.  Everything from collaboration with engineers and contractors, tank placement and ground finishing, to plumbing and brine sequencing controls install can be provided.

Managing Water Conditioning Salt…


AUTOBrine® eliminates the time-consuming, costly and painstaking task of handling bagged salt.  Dumping bags of salt and monitoring brine levels are eliminated.


AUTOBrine® By the Numbers

The benefits that facilities realize by installing an automatic brine system speak for themselves.

savings our customers have realized from reduced labor, salt, and risk costs


injuries eliminated related to manual handling of bagged salt

pounds CO2 reduction

Years Of Experience

What Customers Say

…can help reduce workplace injuries by not handling all those bags of salt.”


Director of Maintenance

“…the brine system has performed to our expectations…”


Building Systems Manager

“… an easy and simple way to receive and store salt saving man-hours on offloading salt and moving it around…


Engineer, Parfitt/Ling Consulting Engineers