Brine Tank Salt Requirements

Salt Recommendation

The Cope Company Salt recommends a coarse crystal salt be used in the AUTOBrine® System. Types of coarse water conditioning salts can be Solar Salt or White Crystal Southern Rock.

Cope also offers pre-mixed brines for every application, depending on which AUTOBrine® System fits your needs.


Why Is This Type of Salt Recommended?

  • Better contact with the water is provided as a result of the salt crystal’s larger surface area, the coarse crystals provide a quick >90% saturation of brine.
  • Maximizing brine production and efficiency, the coarse crystal salt extends the life of the internal pump used in the AUTOBrine®.

What Occurs When Fine Crystal Salt Is Used?

  • Fine salt is apt to cake, forming an almost solid block. When this happens it reduces the surface area of water to salt contact resulting in:
    1. Reduced saturation of the brine, typically 50-60% saturation
    2. Reduced efficiency of the brine solution
    3. Less than optimal regeneration of the water softener resin
  • The size of fine crystal salt may allow it to accumulate in the pump, causing damage

Do Certain Industries Require Specialized Salt?

  • The Cope Company Salt has many pharmaceutical, laboratory, and food/beverage processing facilities that use the AUTOBrine® System and utilize non-food grade bulk coarse salt to produce brine for water conditioning systems.
  • In many cases, when conditioned water is used as an ingredient or in a process, there can be additional purification steps applied, i.e. RO, DI or other filtration or polishing methods.

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