Have a design project that includes industrial ion exchange water treatment systems?

The AUTOBrine® System is a smart add on to projects that will require water treatment equipment such as softeners, dealkylizers, and polishers.

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Find drawings, specs, and other information needed to include an AUTOBrine® in your project design and bid documents.

Turnkey Addition to Your Bid Spec

If an AUTOBrine® briner is included in your design it means you’ll have AUTOBrine® representatives working with you, the contractors, and end-users every step of the way, from design to installation to system start-up.  AUTOBrine® consultants can manage the brine system project from start to finish.

Value to Engineers

  • Estimated Salt Usage Calculator
  • System Specifications and Drawings
  • AUTOBrine® Project Managers working directly with contractors and providing on-site installation services
  • System testing, Start-up, and Training

Engineer Partners

The Cope Company Salt has great relationships with hundreds of engineers across the country successfully helping them provide a cost-saving, risk eliminating, carbon footprint friendly solution for their clients!

“For most water softening systems we recommend that our clients consider the AUTOBrine System because it reduces maintenance costs and allows for interior floor space to be used for something other than salt storage.  From an engineering perspective, the Cope Company provides excellent service throughout the design and installation phase of our projects.” 

Eric Sellers, Barton Engineering


Lunch & Learn 

Cope offers a Lunch & Learn Program for MEP engineers providing education about salt use water conditioning systems, why and when a facility should consider implementing an automated brine system , as well as the selection process for the various types and sizes of bulk brine systems.