brine solutionBreathe in. Breathe out. That is the subconscious rhythm of our everyday. In the midst of our responsibilities and recreation, our trials and triumphs, breath flows at the very center of what makes us who we are. While our exhale may not directly affect the world around us negatively, the chemical involved in this process should cause concern when it and others are the result of daily decisions. AUTOBrine has recognized this reality by translating the protection of our earth into proactive production decisions – because it is the footprints we can’t see that make all the difference in our world.

“A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide and methane) that are generated by our actions.” Food and transportation are prime examples of how our carbon footprints can easily grow and affect the atmosphere.  AUTOBrine is not only unique in the water treatment industry. It is one of a kind in humanity’s fight for a better planet. Since its debut, AUTOBrine can proudly say that because of its work, over 27 million pounds of CO2 have been reduced in emissions. That results in cleaner air, health benefits, and even financial savings for the customers. While the environment may not be able to speak for itself when it comes to the quality of life, we have the ability to do what it can’t do on its own. You may not know the chemical compounds related to the choices you make, but when you pass an AUTOBrine product, you’ll remember that something good has been done to our planet. It doesn’t take much to reduce your own carbon footprint, but it does start with a first step. Choose to invest in a more sustainable tomorrow by partnering with a company who’s doing just that today.