Your needs as a facility are ever-changing with new technological developments aimed at improving various processes. In tandem with this, we have expanded our line to offer an above-ground Pneumatic Fill System that holds 35 tons of water conditioning or food-grade salt. This installation option allows your facility to continue working with AUTOBrine® even if a below ground system installation is not permitted or possible. Are you looking to eliminate carrying 40-50 lbs. bags of salt for a water conditioning system and replace it with the added benefit of labor cost savings? The AUTOBrine® CCSP35T Pneumatic Fill Salt Brine System does just that.

This pneumatic fill system features UV light stabilizers built into the resin that allows it to last long-term outdoors in harsh weather conditions. It is made from high-density linear polyethylene (HDLPE) and meets the requirements for FDA and NSF materials. Since it is constructed of materials that NSF requires, it is suited for food-grade brine production. The polyethylene tank allows us to provide a shorter lead time to installation while catering to a more sustainable product offering. The simple, yet reliable controls make this pneumatic fill system easy to maintain. Our bulk tank is recommended for facilities where there is limited space or restriction for a below-ground system, high salt brine usage, or if your facility is using more than four pallets of water conditioning salt per month.

The pneumatic fill system has many added benefits for your facility with its durable and versatile features. A polyethylene tank has a longer lifespan than a FRP (fiberglass) tank. It requires less energy to manufacture a polyethylene tank and to transport the final product because it often weighs less, while its chemical resistance extends its longevity. AUTOBrine’s sustainability efforts are furthered with reducing your carbon footprint. This is aided through eliminating production and disposal of the materials needed to deliver pallets of bagged salt. The implementation of this system completely eliminates storage requirements for pallets of salt.  Potential employee injuries sustained from manually lifting heavy bags of salt is also eliminated.  The system is a high-volume brine production option for your facility and will enhance its operational efficiency. Contact our team to add the AUTOBrine Pneumatic Fill Salt Brine System to your facility and check out this video to learn more!

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