Brine Production Install Process

The tank is just the beginning™…

AUTOBrine® isn’t just a tank, it is a complete solution that The Cope Company Salt provides for managing water conditioning salt. 

With automatic brine production thinking about salt and brine required for water softeners and other ion exchange systems never has to be a concern again. That’s why we say…the tank is just the beginning™.

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Cope Salt can provide the bulk tank to the brine sequencing controls complete with installation!


Cope evaluates a facility’s salt handling logistics and locations for installation of an automative brine production system. We can help estimate salt usage, recommend the best system type and size, and coordinate with all parties involved, including engineers, facility project planners, water treatment service providers, and contractors.


The Cope team can handle excavation, tank placement, hook-up, and finishing.

Post Installation

Depending on location we can offer additional services for the lifetime of the system.

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