Automatic Brine Maker Benefits


There are many benefits a facility realizes once an automatic brine system is implemented. 


Cost Savings

Cost savings is achieved by eliminating the labor and logistics of receiving, storing, moving, & manual handling of heavy salt bags.


Employee Risk Managed

Employee risk is minimized by eliminating injury potential from repetitive manual lifting and cutting of heavy bags of salt into softener day tanks; avoiding costly lost time incidents and Workers’ Compensation claims.


Carbon footprint reduction initiatives are aided by eliminating production and disposal of plastic bags, shrink wrap, and pallets as well as reducing fuel required to transport salt due to fewer deliveries.

Space Saving

When you can get rid of the pallets of salt sitting around your mechanical room you can free up that space for something else.


No Contact Delivery

With strategic placement of the brine system tank, bulk salt or brine can be delivered without entry or contact needed, maintaining the security of your facility.


Automatic Salt Delivery

Usage can be remotely monitored and salt proactively delivered when you need it, checking one task off your list.

AUTOBrine also offers additional tank services after installation.

Sustainable Results

Each year we are able to present a Green Certificate to each of our customers that displays how many pounds of CO2 their facility eliminated by using the AUTOBrine®.  This has become a highlight to many of our customers at the end of each year.

Cost Savings Benefit