We don't stop at the tank
Brine Tank Services


After Install

Our goal is to make fully saturated brine for water conditioning systems a worry of the past, so we go beyond just the installation of the brine tank.

You have other things to worry about

Brine System Services Offered by The Cope Company Salt

When you install a brine tank and system from Cope we don’t want to give you another mechanical system to maintain.  We do everything we can to ensure the system performs as expected with limited involvement from your staff.

Salt and Brine Delivery

All systems are placed strategically so any salt or brine deliveries can occur with no disruption to the daily activities of the facility.

Cope offers a no-touch, no-contact delivery, maintaining the security of facilities, and allowing your staff to focus on other tasks.

Remote Tank Level Monitoring

The Cope Company Salt (TSSC) prides itself on providing a dependable supply of salt/brine to our customers.  Those customers who participate in our Salt Service program can have the added peace of mind of having a monitor installed on the system to proactively alert when fills are needed. With an executed Salt & Service Agreement (SSA), Cope will monitor your levels daily and deliver salt or brine as needed ensuring you never run out of salt.  Monitors remain the property of TCCS, and TCCS is responsible for all maintenance & cellular fees.

Brine System Service & Maintenance

Cope can offer timely service on most of our system installations (depending on location).

In service locations, service calls are responded to on average within one day and an emergency number is provided for calls beyond normal business hours.

Pre-Mixed Bulk Brine

Cope produces various grades of brine that can be picked up or delivered to your facility within our delivery radius.

Industrial Grade Brine

The most widely used grade of brine for ion exchange and water conditioning equipment.

Certified Grade Brine

Brine made from processed water and high purity salt to produce a clean brine solution when higher standards are required.

Custom Brine

Cope has a brine solution for most applications.  If you need something special give us a call.

Pre-Treatment Brine

Cope can provide an optional spigot with the brine system so your brine can be used in the winter season with salt brine spray equipment for the purpose of de-icing your property’s surfaces, keeping your employees safe.

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