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Let’s explore water conditioning and how AUTOBrine® helps

brine system for mechanical

Boiler Impurities…Hardness…Calcium…Magnesium

Scale deposits in boilers inhibit heat transfer and efficiency.  If it becomes severe this can lead to decreased heat transfer, poor efficiency, boiler tube failure.

These impurities are removed by softening.  AUTOBrine® feeds the softener with consistent fully saturated brine…AUTOMATICALLY.  Without a brine system, you have to deal with bags of salt.


Extend the life of equipment...

Production downtime for failing equipment can be reduced by half or more if equipment usage life is extended by softened process water.

Reverse osmosis units provide many economic and operational advantages…

Removal of suspended solids up-stream of the RO unit helps protect RO membranes, helping them last up to twice as long.

AUTOBrine®  is a key system in ensuring the consistent removal of these particles by providing consistent brine to the ion exchange system.

Why AUTOBrine®

Brine System Benefits


AUTOBrine® offers many benefits to facilities that install the system.  A few key benefits are providing a cost savings, managing risk, increasing usable space, and decreasing a facility’s carbon footprint.


Case Study

The Risks Associated with Material Handling Water Softening Salt Bags

A case study that focuses on the task of lifting a 40 – 50 lb bag of water conditioning salt to fill a day tank and the risk associated with the task.

1 in 5

workplace injuries are back related.