Whether in a mechanical room or at an office desk, the average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. So it’s safe to say that the workplace is a second-home for many individuals. These areas are being utilized constantly and in order to maintain organization and grow effectively in them, there has to be ample space for it all in your facility and mechanical room. With the boost in A.I. integration and other technological advancements, making room for these new programs in facilities has become more and more necessary. Here are three ways AUTOBrine not only offers you a customized brine delivery solution for your water conditioning needs, but also new opportunities with the space you regain in the process.

  1. Pallet and Salt Bag Elimination
    • Water conditioning equipment varies in size depending on the mechanical room it is located in or below. However, they can’t operate without salt. Therefore, while these systems tend to require substantial mechanical room space in and of themselves, additional space is needed for storing salt bags – oftentimes pallets worth of them. As can be seen in this case study, space limitations were at the root behind so many of the water softening challenges faced by this specific pharmaceutical facility. By installing an AUTOBrine, storage for salts bags and pallets was immediately eliminated as there is no longer a need for them. Automation feeds the equipment when it is needed and remote monitoring alerts The Cope Company Salt when it’s time to replenish.
  2. Resolve Potential OSHA violation
    • New York City and others like it attract people everywhere because of its tall skyscrapers. They were built with the mindset that since there was little space to expand horizontally, the solution was to create real estate vertically. Building plans and engineering aside, the same motivation is behind pallet stacking in mechanical rooms. And while this can offer your facility more space in the short term, there’s an added layer of considerable OSHA regulations that if not followed correctly, can have ramifications in the long term. Your efforts should be focused on your facility operations and having enough space in your mechanical room to perform these things well. With an AUTOBrine, you no longer have to compromise that attention with the latest OSHA law and safety code because the space once occupied by pallets can be reclaimed for something better.
  3.  Declutter Mechanical Rooms
    • Mechanical rooms house all the innerworkings of a facility that make it run. From water pumps to HVAC controls, they are at the heart of building management and design. Facility maintenance can naturally be a daunting undertaking when faced with all that happens in a mechanical room. It becomes even more tedious when there are salt bags and pallets for facility workers to also consider and maneuver through. While water conditioning is a necessary process for so many buildings, it shouldn’t be at the expense of employees’ peace of mind in their work. An AUTOBrine transforms the brine delivery process from manual to automatic – immediately eliminating salt bags and their storage pallets. A mechanical room’s already existing footprint is strategically utilized to contain the system itself and allows for a more organized space.

Take back the space in your facility and enhance its operational efficiency with AUTOBrine. Let’s start the conversation.