Turnkey Automatic Brine Delivery

Niagara Bottling Company, Breinigsville, PA


A Large Bottling Facility had several construction projects underway when they learned the significant cost savings and reduction in salt storage footprint that a bulk brine maker would provide and wanted to implement this project along with the others. However, adding another project seemed impossible and would risk delaying project timelines.

When they reviewed the Turn-Key installation offered by The Cope Company Salt (TCCS) for the AUTOBrine® System they felt it could be implemented without adversely affecting other projects.


  • Schedule the installation to mesh with other projects, preventing delays
  • To not interfere with the current engineering plan
  • Provide cost savings, risk management and reduce environmental impact
  • Reduce the storage space needed for salt pallets


A plan was prepared by TCCS that allowed for a phased installation of the AUTOBrine® System. Working with the project manager for the bottling company the plans were approved with time slots that prevented interruption of projects that were already underway. The system was installed on the approved timetable and all projects were completed without interruption.


  • > $12,000 Operations Cost Savings Annually
  • > 25,600 lbs. Carbon Footprint reduction to date
  • Reclaiming of 200 sq. ft. of salt storage space, estimated $50,000 value
  • Installation completed on schedule with no disruption to other projects, no modifications made to engineering plan, and no change order required