Salt Brine Tank Installation for School District

Hempfield School District, Landisville, PA


A School District was having repeated problems maintaining a consistent softened water supply which was damaging the boiler, dishwashers, faucets, and toilets. It was recognized that with cutbacks and an aging workforce it was difficult to keep salt in the brine day-tanks of the water softeners.


  • How to ensure a consistent supply of salt for making brine
  • Find a safer way to handle heavy salt bags
  • Reduce the storage space needed for salt pallets
  • Reduce the equipment expense for handling salt
  • Maintain a secure environment for the students


The School District installed an AUTOBrine® System on each of their campuses. The smaller version of this system allows for cost control while supplying a consistent >95% saturated brine automatically, on-demand. The brine maker is located underground, outside in a minimum security area which maintains the school’s security during salt delivery.

This system has allowed the reallocation of man-hours which has made the staff more efficient with fewer people. The system also eliminated the risk of employee injury from handling heavy salt bags and having to be on-site for salt delivery.


  • > $8,616 Operations Cost Savings Annually
  • > 13,424 lbs. Carbon Footprint reduction to date
  • Fully saturated brine is delivered on-demand
  • 0 injuries related to handling salt bags
  • Eliminated equipment expense and need for an employee on-site to receive, store and handle bag salt
  • Outside salt delivery eliminated facility access to deliver salt and maintain a secure environment