We are all aware of the ongoing issues that COVID-19 has created for everyone.  The Cope Company Salt would like to extend our compassion and empathy to all those affected by this virus.  While this situation is in constant flux, we thought it would be important to give you a brief update. 

The Cope Company Salt is open and continues to provide brine system design and consult with engineers. Cope is also providing service and supplying AUTOBrine® customers with bulk water conditioning salt and brine as well as our routine pallets of food grade and other salt products as needed during this time of crisis.   We are classified as an essential business in accordance with state guidelines as a Chemical and Allied Products Merchant Wholesaler.  In addition, we are part of the supply chain for critical facilities such as hospitals, labs, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage manufacturing, data centers, retirement communities and municipalities.

As you may know, the AUTOBrine is an automated brine delivery system only requiring a supply of salt to provide brine to softeners that process water for mission-critical systems such as boilers, chillers and hypochlorite generators.  The AUTOBrine can be filled without having to enter buildings or secured areas.  In times like this the system helps maintain social distancing by not needing to be face to face when the salt is delivered.       

As we go forward, it may be unclear how your company intends to handle current and future projects.  In the meantime, we are here to discuss and assist with any ongoing needs you might have.  If you are in the design stage of a project and would like information on the AUTOBrine or if you would be interested in learning about the AUTOBrine, we would welcome the opportunity to connect with you either by phone or by video conference.  We truly value the relationships we have built with our engineers over the last 25 plus years!

Thank you for partnering with us.  Stay healthy, positive and strong!