In 2015, The Cope Company Salt started a special donation program designed to help the Company’s non-profit AUTOBrine® customers in their endeavor to serve our community. The program was named AUTOGive.  Each quarter, a non-profit AUTOBrine® customer is selected by a Cope Company Salt employee to receive a cash donation of $3,000. Each quarter we will announce the non-profit recipient of the donation, check back to see how the community is growing and get involved!

The Cope Company Salt Donates $3000 to Spang Crest

The Cope Company Salt, Lancaster, donated $3000 to Spang Crest Senior Living Community, Lebanon. The donation is part of The Cope Company Salt’s AUTOGive program which will directly benefit Spang Crest’s Caring Fund. This fund allows residents whose personal assets have been depleted to remain at Spang Crest and receive the same services and level of care.
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