"> Brine Maker Timely Service, Maintenance & Repair

We keep our customers happy with Timely service and Delivery of bulk salt or liquid brine to the automatic brine maker, ensuring Uninterrupted brine production.

brine maker salt delivery

  • Convenient brine maker tank placement, allows regular delivery to be made without disrupting daily routines or having to enter secure areas.
  • All maintenance required for the function of brine production and brine storage are 100% warrantied for one year and thereafter when the bulk salt or brine is purchased from The Cope Company Salt (TCCS).
  • It is not uncommon for a service provider to place a service need in a queue regardless of urgency level. At TCCS, an AUTOBrine® representative will contact you within minutes of your call. We pride ourselves to provide prompt, reliable service to our customers. Our customers should expect nothing less!
  • Typical on-site service response is less than 6 hours.
  • Remote-monitoring capability allows TCCS to track salt brine levels daily of liquid brine systems. The routine task of checking brine levels is simplified for commercial water softener systems.  The monitor also allows TCCS to proactively schedule deliveries so the tank never runs out of salt brine.