The AUTOBrine® System is an industry-unique, best-in-class solution to the problem of managing water conditioning salt brine levels.  AUTOBrine®  eliminates the time-consuming, costly and painstaking task of handling bagged salt. No dumping salt bags, no monitoring brine levels.  Just automatic brine right when you need it.

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  • Illustration of In-Ground System


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  • AUTOBrine® Advantages Deliver

    engineersYou don’t only get the AUTOBrine® System, you get the AUTOBrine® Advantage!

    AUTOBrine® advantages come with the system when a salt/service agreement is purchased.

    Engineers – We appreciate the many referrals we have received and understand your reputation is on the line.  We are diligent with every system that we install.

    deliveryNo Worry Delivery – Never again requisition salt, check salt levels, or store salt pallets. We deliver loose salt to your AUTOBrine® System on a monitored schedule using a patented, legal-for-trade truck-mounted scale, worry free!

    serviceService, Repair & Cleaning – As long as you purchase salt/brine with a salt service agreement from The Cope Company SALT, there is no charge for service, PM’s, repairs, or regular tank cleanings. This means no unplanned budget expenses for this system.

    reportingReporting – When we detect unusual changes in your salt/brine usage, we’ll alert you. This information may be used to enhance the performance of your softener system.

    loyaltyLoyalty Points – It’s a privilege to provide products & services to our customers. For our customers with a Salt & Service Agreement, we offer points-based program to be used by the customer for free products from The Cope Company SALT.

…And the tank is just the beginning!®

The Cope Company is the only manufacturer and marketer of an automatic brine system that offers a turnkey solution; including the system, installation, start-up and continuous service.