The AUTOBrine® System is an industry-unique, best-in-class solution automatic brine system that solves the problem of the time-consuming, costly, and painstaking task of managing water conditioning salt brine levels. No dumping salt bags, no monitoring brine levels, just automatic brine right when you need it.
AUTOBrine® System Video

Illustration of In-Ground System
In-Ground System
Illustration of Aboveground System
In-Ground System
AUTOBrine® advantages...
Salt Handling Cost Savings The AutoBrine saves the typical customer over $5,600 a year!  
Risk Elimination Eliminate possibility of injuries that can occur when handling salt bags and risk management program by providing a safer work place for your employees.
Customer Injuries Since Installation
Green Initiative
Owners limit their carbon footprint every day after installation assisting our global green initiative efforts.
Pounds of CO2 Kept from the Environment
...And the tank is just the beginning!®
Cope SaltThe Cope Company is the only manufacturer and marketer of an automatic brine system that offers a turnkey solution; including the system, installation, start-up and continuous service.

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“The system makes sense for so many reasons. It is no muss, no fuss and you don’t have to think about it.”

T.E., Brethern Village