"> Engineers use turnkey automatic brine solution in modern facility design

Engineers can Confidentially specify the AUTOBrine® system knowing they can rely on Cope.

Why trust Cope?

  • Engineering firms have been referring the AUTOBrine® on projects since 1989.
  • The Cope Company (TCCS) can provide all brine system specifications for bid documents, as well turnkey automatic brine system installation including excavation, brine system installation, testing and start-up.
  • No cost maintenance is provided on the entire brine system for customers who maintain salt delivery service through TCCS.
  • TCCS can consult, design, manufacture, and install a custom brine system to meet the needs of your project.
  • The reliable AUTOBrine® and trusted customer service has allowed Cope to maintain all AUTOBrine® customers still actively in business.

Turnkey Automatic Brine Solution

Engineers comment that they like recommending the AUTOBrine because Cope provides all the turnkey symbolsystem specifications, installation, testing, and start-up (see the installation page). Direct coordination with contractors is another reason engineers prefer working with The Cope Company.  Only the highest quality materials and standards are implemented during the brine system installation.  That is why, with a continued Salt Service Agreement, The Cope Company offers a lifetime guarantee and no cost maintenance for the system.  Whether an architect or engineer, Cope will work to address concerns and meet expectations and timelines. We value our referral network, and we work hard to maintain your trust.

How Cope Works with Architects and Engineers

Cope understands that your reputation directly relates to your recommendations and contractors. Cope’s reputation has allowed the company to install hundreds of AUTOBrine® systems since 1989. The Cope Company Salt is the only manufacturer of an automatic brine system that offers a turnkey solution. Expect Cope to meet with you and your clients from initial design through system start-up and training.  Assistance with drawings, submittals, ROI Analysis and coordination with the contractor for brine system installation can be provided. The goal is to make this effortless to you and your clients.