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Effects Of Hard Water Affects To Your Facility – 10 Possible Complications

Hard water is water that contains a high concentration of certain minerals like calcium and magnesium. While safe for human consumption, it can have detrimental effects on a facility’s plumbing system and water-based equipment. Untreated hard water can result in a variety of short and long-term problems. Below are 10 effects of hard water to your facility that could negatively impact if the water is left unsoftened. Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Salt

Salt is one of the most precious natural compounds known to man. Being the “salt of the earth” or being “worth one’s salt” has long been a compliment. The very word salt comes from the Latin for salary when people were literally paid in salt. Throughout history people have used salt to make bread and more importantly as a vital food preservative to keep bacteria from growing on cured meats and cheeses. Continue reading

When Should A Bulk Brine System Be Considered?

A bulk brine system manages water conditioning salt brine levels in commercial and industrial water treatment applications.

Four factors can determine if there is a need for a bulk brine system.

  1. Is the facility located in a hard water region?
  2. What is the facility’s current or expected salt usage?
  3. Are there concerns about salt storage and handling logistics?
  4. Are there mechanical room design challenges?

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