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The Cope Company Salt Donates $3000 to Fairmount Homes

The Cope Company Salt, Lancaster, donated $3000 to Fairmount Homes Retirement Community, Ephrata.  The donation is part of The Cope Company Salt’s AUTOGive program.

Cope employee, Brad Kreider selected Fairmount Homes for Cope’s quarterly non-profit donation because of their dedication to faith, family and community.

Pictured left to right: KC Kramer (Cope Company), Brad Kreider (Cope Company) and
Jerry Wile (Fairmount Homes CEO)

The Cope Company Salt manufactures the AUTOBrine® System, an automatic brine system that solves the problem of managing water conditioning salt brine levels.  The AUTOBrine® System cuts costs and eliminates risks associated with handling heavy salt bags.  AUTOBrine® System also helps users reduce their carbon footprint.


KC Kramer explains what the AUTOGive Program is.