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Brine Production Cost savings

Our customers have collectively saved over $3,154,052.98

Once installed,  AUTOBrine® customers realize cost savings by eliminating man-hours required to fill brine production tanks for commercial water softening systems.  Having to move and manually handle pallets of bagged salt is avoided, reclaiming valuable storage space and automating a previously high maintenance process.

Since installing the first system,  AUTOBrine® customers have collectively saved millions. An AUTOBrine® client typically saves between $5,000 – $15,000 every year by using an automatic brine system!

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Brine Production Risk Elimination

0 Customer Injuries Since Installation

The AUTOBrine® eliminates injuries by removing the repetitive task of manually handling heavy, awkward salt bags, with this the potential for costly Workers’ Compensation claims is also avoided. Workers no longer have to climb ladders, carrying heavy salt bags, cut them open, and then dump them, all while balancing on a ladder.  In order to fill the tank this task has to be done numerous times, sometimes multiple times per week. Enhance your risk management program by eliminating this potential risk.

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Brine Production Green Initiative

27,224,291.39 Pounds of CO2 Kept from the Environment

The AUTOBrine® contributes significantly to carbon footprint reduction for a facility softening its water. By eliminating all plastic bags, shrink-wrap, and pallets used to package and transport bagged salt, the AUTOBrine® contributes to a company’s program to reduce non-biodegradable waste.  AUTOBrine® uses bulk loose salt, purchased by The Cope Company Salt, therefore energy previously used to dry the salt, bag the salt, and manufacture the bags is eliminated. This is how the AUTOBrine® contributes to the global Green Initiative. Current AUTOBrine® customers have eliminated over 1,200,000 pounds of plastic and 104,000 pallets by installing an automatic brine supply system.

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