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The AUTOBrine® provides salt brine for pre-treatment too.

Use the AUTOBrine®, automatic brine maker for storing pre-treating salt brine for sidewalks, parking areas, and other critical access points of a facility during the winter storm season.

Cost-Effective, Safer Result, Increased Efficiency

Pre-Treatment SprayerWhy pre-treating before an ice storm?

The use of sodium chloride (salt) brine is now a universal tool in cold regions as a pre-treating solution prior to ice storms in order to prevent the bonding of ice to surface areas which form “black-ice” patches. These ice patches, once formed, are extremely difficult to remove and are dangerous.

Why Pre-Treat?

A tap on the salt brine line is needed to draw from the brine tank. Many AUTOBrine® customer have chosen to add this capability. Various types of commercial spray applicators can be used with your existing vehicles. Most customers use small, push-cart sprayers, tank-mounted 4-wheelers, or 250-gallon totes on trucks.

When To Apply pre-treating Brine?

Temperature is important. Salt brine for pre-treatment works well in the mid-Atlantic region. 100% salt brine will work on surface temperatures down to approximately 15° Fahrenheit and should not be used below that temperature. However, if you DO need to apply brine in weather colder than 15°, dilute the 100% brine to make an 85% brine.  Add ½ gallon of fresh water to 4 gallons of 100% salt brine. 85% salt brine solution will lower the melting point to -6° Fahrenheit, according to the Salt & Highway Deicing Vol. 35 by The Salt Institute.

Timing is also important. Applying pre-treatment salt brine hours before a storm will yield the best results.  Additional applications can be put down after the ice and snow are removed.

If you’re not pre-treating The Cope Company Salt stocks a complete line of ice-melt products. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the ice melt that is right for the weather conditions and area application. Please call us today to determine the products that best fit your needs.