"> Certified Grade - AUTOBrine


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Hypochlorite Generators
  • Food Processing


Salt – 99.9% | Saturation – >95%


  • Cost Saved by eliminating the need for manual production of brine, salt is delivered in bulk quantity
  • Risk Managed with employees no longer lifting and dumping heavy bags of salt
  • Environment Initiative is improved by eliminating non-recyclable plastic bags and the energy used to dry and bag the salt
  • Preserves equipment by meeting specification for hypochlorite generators and reducing maintenance


  • Every batch accompanied by COA
  • Documentation for Federal and State Agencies
  • Transported in food grade containers


  • Food-Grade Evaporated salt has been processed to remove Calcium and Magnesium
  • Produced with softened water
  • Clean product with minimal sediment