"> Automatic Production Salt Brine Equipment by The Cope Company Salt

From Salt brine equipment install to the first Salt delivery, The Cope Company SALT personnel are involved.

The Cope Company is the only manufacturer of automatic production salt brine equipment that offers a turnkey solution, continuous delivery and maintenance service.  The brine system, installation, start-up and continuous service for all liquid brine and bulk salt systems are just a few of the elements involved in the installation of an AUTOBrine® System.

These are just a few of the elements of installing salt brine equipment that The Cope Company handles:

  • Collaboration with Engineers & Contractors
  • Contribution to Site Drawings (when needed)
  • Cope’s excavation equipment and operators*
  • Tank Installation & Finishing to Grade
  • Line Hook-Ups & Testing
  • Staff Training

*We will also work with local contractors.

Our objective is to provide an automatic brine supply to the day-tanks of water softeners wherever they are located. The system can accommodate multiple day-tank connections.

During the initial visit, the installation site and scope of the project will be discussed.

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